Wednesday, September 30, 2009

FO for my sister!

Yippee! I've been knitting like a maniac, but it's worth it.

I love this pattern. It's easy enough to be done at school, but still, it looks great! My sister's going to love it :)

Pattern: Novita Kevät 2009, 58. Liivitunika
For: My sister M
Size: M
Needles: 7 mm, 5,5 mm and 5 mm
Yarn: Novita Rose Mohair
Consumption: 200 g

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Wow! Over 5000 visitors! Cool :D

My sisters tunic is about to be finished (at last).

And! Remember my Puro-shawl? As soon as I can, I will write down the pattern and publish it here and @Ravelry. :)

Sunday, September 27, 2009

FO: Scarf for my BIL


This one has been a WIP for ages. Today I finally managed to finish it... :P

Pattern: Improvized
For: My brother-in-law L
Needles: 5 mm
Yarn: Novita 7 veljestä
Consumption: 215 g

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Long time no ocean...

Ha, ha, ha. (My husband came up with that)...

So. Here we are. In Tampere. We had a lovely honeymoon in Crete, and right after that I started studying at University of Tampere. I've been busy lately, but, of course, I have had time to knit :) (and buy yarn. A LOT of yarn.)

I've bought 4 skeins of Novita 7 Veljestä, 1 skein of Novita Nalle Aloevera, 2 skeins of Novita Polaris, and 1 skein of Novita Polkka. That makes a total of 1050 g. Oops.

This one's for my Granny.

Pattern: Novita Syksy 2009
Yarn: Puro
For: My Granny
Needles: umm... 4 or 5 mm...
Consumption: 87 g

These I made for me and Jussi. I have a tassel. Jussi doesn't.

Pattern: Improvized
For: Us 2
Needles: 7 (I guess)
Yarn: Novita Teddy
Consumption: 100 g

I've also sewed curtains and pillowcases for our new home. Here they are:



And little art... :

Now I'm knitting these socks called Saltkråkan (@Ravelry), using Novita 7 Veljestä.

And! I (finally) taught my husbad to KNIT! I'm SOOOOO proud of him :) This is his very first project:

At first it was all tight and straight, but then he got a little too excited and tried to knit faster than he really could.. :D But I'm still very, very proud! I wonder when I'm going to have the first pair of socks knitted by Jussi... ;)

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